Take the plunge and start today with a nourishing green smoothie (see our recipe section for some great ideas)! Make extra and take it to work in a glass jar to drink as your afternoon snack.  It tastes great and works as a good breakfast substitute.

Tuesday green-422995_640

Drink Liquid Chlorophyll diluted in your water bottle throughout the day instead of coffee.  It tastes better than you think! It also keeps you hydrated while cleansing and energizing  your liver. Even better – make your own chlorophyll drink. Easy and refreshing (see our recipe section).


Try to have a grain-free day and focus on only eating good quality proteins and fresh veggies. It’s great to get out of the bread and cereals habit. Your will feel less bloated too.

Thursday tomato-316743_1280

Replace your snacks with fresh veggie juice. Sugar cravings are when your body needs extra  vitamins and minerals. Veggie juice is a quick pick-up and it is easily absorbed. Try carrot, cucumber, celery, beetroot, apple and ginger. Fresh juices are now readily available in food courts or better yet, get a juicer and make your own. See for inspiration and recipes.

Friday water-25169_1280

Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! Drink at least 2 litres of water per day. Most headaches and muscle pains are due to lack of water in the cells. Our body is 80% water. Stress, caffeine, alcohol and medications all dehydrate more than we realize.

Saturday tiger-528890_1280

Do something different on Saturday. Slow down and relax. Go for a walk out in nature. Have a relaxing massage. De-stress  and enjoy reading something that will inspire. Meditate and think of 5 things your can be grateful for. De-clutter your brain and try some time without digital bombardments, like TV, computers and mobiles. Visit and connect with real friends.


Audit your pantry. Throw out all highly processed foods. Plan your meals for the up-coming week and prepare by shopping at your local fresh food markets. Stock up on lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Learn a new recipe each week so your menu will be interesting and enjoyable.

From BodyPure Health Clinic owner and health expert Susan Lausevic  (2014)


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