The Original Diet

Who knows the best, the cleanest, and the most efficient fuel for a car? Isn’t it the one who manufactured it? Isn’t it the one who designed it? Isn’t it the one who programed it? Isn’t it the manufacturer!!!

Well the human body is no different, although not an automotive machine but a living organism, yet it is made up of different components like a car.  It contains different systems such as a wiring system, a combustion system, a skeletal chassis, a computer which regulates its parts.  Just like the automotive car the human body requires an energy source to run and operate and all its systems are driven by the fuel it ingests.

When a manufacturer of an automotive vehicle sells a car they provide a set of instructions called a vehicle manual. Within this manual they provide details of which fuels, oils, coolants and other lubricants are the best for the vehicle. It is because they made the car in the first place that they are in the best position possible to recommend the very best fuel and lubricants for the car to attain to its optimal potential.

According to the bible, our body did not just drop from the sky as a result of a big bang, it didn’t just evolve from a monkey, but just like the automotive vehicle it was designed, programmed and manufactured to run and operate efficiently, productively and reliably.

Because God is the manufacturer of the human body and all its components and systems, as the manufacturer he knows what are the best fuels, oils and lubricants required to keep the human body operating at its optimal potential.

Unfortunately for pizza lovers, fast food addicts, soft drink, ice-cream and chocolate dreamers, God did not pick these types of fuels as the best source of energy and lubrication for the human body. Yes, it is true the body can survive and function on these types of fuels and lubricants, but all too soon it will begin to drop in its energy and performance levels.

The more the body is fed with inferior quality of fuels and lubricants the more sluggish it will perform, until it’s components and systems begin to breakdown and fail, and, unless rectified, it ends up being donated for spare parts.

Just what fuel did God recommend then for the optimal performance of the human body? The simple answer is found in the story of creation when God manufactured the first human:

“Then God said, “I now give to you all the plants on the earth that yield seeds and all the trees whose fruit produces its seeds within it. These will be your food.” Genesis 1:29, Common English Bible.

The best sources of energy driven fuel which God recommended for his manufactured living machinery was that of the plant kingdom. A non-flesh, non-junk food, plant based diet was deemed by God to contain the best sources of fuel, nutrition, lubrication and energy for optimal performance and operation.

Unlike the motor vehicles of today, the human body was originally designed never to breakdown or wear out, its components and systems were designed to be ever running eternally without fault or corrosion. The human body was to have access to a super fuel rod, a booster supply called the fruit of the tree of life which would give the body the capacity to perpetually function eternally. However, once man chose to walk away from God’s instructions in acting outside his safety net and falling into sin, the human body was denied access to this super rod fuel. Not only this, sin, much in the same way a virus affects a computer, penetrated the human body and deranged its component and systems, causing them to fail or underperform. This viral breakdown and attack in the human body, corroding its systems and components, is what we call disease today.

To counteract this virus immediately God, as the manufacturer, supplied an antivirus package to reduce the damage and prevent premature wearing out of the body’s machinery. This antivirus package is found in Genesis 3:18 last part:

“And you shall eat the herb of the field.” Genesis 3:18, New King James Version.

Another source of energy is added to the fuels and lubricants for the body in the form of herbs and vegetables found in the field. Science is only recently discovering the protecting phytochemicals which are found in herbs and vegetables which have antioxidant and disease preventing properties. This anti-virus package of herbs and vegetables is added to the fruits, grains and plants originally recommended to the human body, to achieve the best possible performance it can reach, under our current circumstance of sin.

It is not rocket science to see that God, as the designer, programmer and manufacturer of the human body has supplied the best form of fuel, lubrication, energy and now, added disease protection, in the form of a plant based non-flesh, non-junk food diet.

If you want your living machinery to reach its potential in both performance and longevity then don’t accept imitations, don’t accept second hand nutrition, don’t accept inferior fuels and lubricants!

If you are sick of being sick, and tired of being tired, then only buy the very best fuel, lubrication and protection pack available, straight from the manufacturer’s warehouse.

A plant based vegetarian diet is the only original way to go for ultimate performance and endurance – it’s time to become a super car!!!

Does Science confirm God’s original plan?

Vegetarian Diet Reduces Risk of Heart Attack

  • “We tend to scoff at vegetarians, but they’re doing much better than we are. Vegans have cholesterol levels so low, they almost never get heart attacks. Their average blood cholesterol is about 125 and we’ve never seen anyone in the Framingham study have a heart attack with a level below 150.” Eat To Live, Fuhrman J, MD, Little, Brown and Company 2005, p75

Vegetarian Diet lowers risk of lifestyle diseases

  • “Multiple studies have shown that vegetarians live quite a bit longer than non-vegetarians do.”
  • “The research shows that those who avoid meat and dairy have lower rates of heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity. The data is conclusive: vegetarians live longer…” Eat To Live, Fuhrman J, MD, Little, Brown and Company 2005, p75

Vegetarian Diet helps treat Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • In a thirteen-month study, two groups of patients who suffered from Rheumatoid Arthritis were studied to determine the effect of diet upon their condition…the results of the study further supported the positive results noted in other studies of RA, which have shown that short-term fasting, followed by a vegetarian diet, results in a “substantial reduction in disease activity” in many patients.
  • “In a one year follow-up to this important study, all the patients who responded to the diet still followed the diet. The majority of these patients remained in complete remission or were significantly better. These long-term results support recommending a vegetarian diet for the treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis.”  Encyclopaedia of Natural Medicine, Murray M, Pizzorno J. A Little Brown Book, 1988 p776,777

Vegetarian Diet halves the rate of Diabetes and Obesity

  • “In dietary studies involving the Adventists, scientists compare “moderate” vegetarians to “moderate” meat eaters. This is not a big difference. Even so, the Adventist vegetarians are much healthier than their meat eating counterparts. Those Adventists that “deprived” themselves of meat also “deprived” themselves of the ravages of diabetes. Compared to the meat eaters, the vegetarians had about one-half the rate of diabetes. They also had almost half the rate of obesity.”  Campbell T C , Campbell  T 11, The China Study, BenBella Books, Inc,2006, p150

Vegetarians live longer

  • “Some Adventists never eat meat and eggs, whereas others consume them daily. When we take a careful look at the Seventh-Day Adventist data, those who lived the longest were those following a vegetarian diet the longest, and when we look at the subset who followed a vegetarian diet for at least half their life, it appears they lived about thirteen years longer than their average, non-smoking Californian counterparts.”  Eat To Live, Fuhrman J, MD, Little, Brown and Company 2005, p76



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