So what do I eat if I become vegetarian?

When you really think about it, what do vegetarians eat?  We could make a list of all the vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, herbs, legumes and fungi that make up the vegetarian diet, however it would be far easier to make a list of foods vegetarians do not eat.  They are the following:

  • All meat, including chicken and seafood

If you were taking a step further and going vegan it would also include the following:

  • Eggs, Dairy Products (milk, cheese yogurt) and honey

As you can see the food that makes up the vegetarian diet is extensive and not limiting at all.  Once you start combining the different foods to make up delicious recipes you will actually be surprised that becoming vegetarian can be exciting, challenging and fun, not to mention delicious!

Three Simple Steps to Going Vegetarian

Some can find making the change from a carnivore diet to a herbivore diet difficult.  However, you will be surprised at how easy it is.  Using this 3 Step method will help you make the transition:

  1. Think of three vegetarian meals that you already enjoy, ie vegetable soup with bread and salad, spaghetti and tomato sauce, or hummus wraps.
  2. Now think of three recipes that you prepare regularly which will easily adapt to a vegetarian menu, for example, a “mince” recipe that can be replaced with TVP or beans.
  3. Borrow some vegetarian cookbooks from your local library and experiment with the recipes until you find three that you enjoy and can prepare easily.

You now already have 9 vegetarian meals that you can incorporate into your lifestyle with minimal changes

Breakfasts and Lunches

Vegetarian lunches and breakfasts can also be relatively easy.  Dinner’s left-overs make great lunches. Sandwiches with vegetarian hot dogs or sausage slices can be delicious (most stores stock vegetarian meat options).  Most people eat cereal and fruit for breakfast, but for those who enjoy their bacon and eggs there is always hot mushrooms to replace the bacon or a hearty bean stew prepared in the slow cooker overnight.

For lots of easy recipes to incorporate in your diet see our “Recipes” section.

Three Steps adapted from “Go Vegetarian”, 6th Edition, Lehmann, C & Berriman, M


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